About Us

Our Story 

Our story began with a woman who could never find the perfect pair of sandals due to the high arches on her feet. Finally, tired of not finding a pair of slides that gave her feet the needed support, she resolved to create the perfect pair. Then, she immersed herself in understanding the anatomy of the human foot.

After studying every contour and muscle, she created a pair of yoga thong sandals that finally gave her the foot support she longed for. On her very first wear, she said Namaste to a comfortable footwear experience. From there, gone were the days of ankle pain, muscle aches and discomfort. Through Namaste Sandals, she aims to share that experience with you.


Quality Footwear, Designed For Superior Comfort

Namaste Sandals is an American footwear brand. We offer comfortable, durable, and versatile yoga thong sandals specially designed to provide your feet with the support they need to keep you balanced. Since 2007, we have been providing people across the United States and beyond with quality yoga sandals that are not only comfortable but also contribute to improving their balance, posture and overall foot health. 



Why Choose Namaste Sandals?


Our yoga thong sandals are made from premium microsuede, sourced directly from trusted suppliers to ensure comfort with every wear.


The durable, non-slip rubber sole of our yoga thong sandals endures long walks on even the toughest surfaces, allowing them to last longer. 


Engineered to align with the contours of your feet perfectly, our yoga sandals keep your body balanced while releasing tension from your foot muscles by gently massaging them as you walk. 


Our yoga sandals are not only easy to slip on. Their versatile color and design make them the perfect pair of shoes to wear around the house or on the go.